dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

Lush WOW Experience Amsterdam

A few weeks ago I recieved an e-mail from the Lush with an invitation to come to their WOW experience on 4 October. So, last friday I went to Amsterdam, which is the nearest Lush for me. It's 3 hours by train but I could combine with another thing (I will tell more about that in another post). 

When I arrived at the Lush in the Kalverstraat there was a lovely Lush seller, who was giving me a comprehensive tour. She showed me all the new products of this winter, told me everything about them and demonstrated some of them. 
I forgot to make photo's of all the new products (stupid me), but I can tell you, this collection is amazing. I have also bought some products of this collection, which I will show you.

 The first thing I bought was the Snow Fairy showergel, because they are bought so much, they are sold out very quick. So, I decided to buy a 250 g bottle in stead of 100 g. The showergel smells great, it's almost candy, very sweet.
100 g costs €6,95
250 g costs €13,95
 I also bought this soap, called Snow Globe. It has the same smell like the lemony flutter (which is my favorite Lush product). I really like lemon, it's so fresh, specially when you're having troubles with coming out of your bed.
1 kg costs €59,50
I bought 134 g and that cost me €7,97
 This cute heart shaped thing is a massage bar/ bodyoil. This one is called "the honeymooner" and smells like honey and chocolate (the brown thing in the middle is real chocolate! Mmmm). When you rub it all over your body, it will nourish your skin very well! You can also use it as a bodylotion/oil because of the caring oil and honey.
1 massage bar costs €8,60
 This is the candy mountain, a really sweet candy bubble bar. You have to break it and you can use it more than once. You put a piece of this bar in your bath and you'll get a lot of foam.
This one costs €5,25
 This soap is called Angel's Delight it's a delicious soap with the smell of mandarin and sweet orange oil, garenia and black berry aroma. The soap has many colours, but my soap only has gold.
100 g costs €5,95
Last but not least, I bought this Lemony Flutter, my favorite! It's a nailcream, but I use it for every dry part, like my heels and elbows. 
One piece costs €10,65 

What do you think of this products?

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